Women and The World

Women who are often considered weak in various aspects of life can cause sustained polemics despite having inferior connotations or identical to the prolonged softness, ayu, and lack of authority. This assumption makes women not involved in complicated sectors of life. Sectors of government, warfare, economics, politics, and development are considered sensitive and only certain people can enter that complicated sector of life.

Some women are already involved in various phenomena. Call it Raden Ajeng Kartini who became an icon of the advancement of Indonesian women. Women who are known for their literary works, correspondence relationships, association with the Dutch. Then the greatness of Sultanah Seri Ratu Tajul Alam Safiatuddin Johan also his shoes became role models. With his intelligence and also active in developing science and rejecting Dutch efforts to self-help in the Aceh area need to get appreciation and icons of female fighters. Malala Yousafzai’s contribution in voicing women’s right to education and roles in public spaces. Its emergence was able to shift the negative stereotypes of the western world towards Islam in treating women. It’s also an interesting phenomenon to talk about.

The growing involvement of women in the public sector is certainly an advance in understanding gender differences. It’s just that globalization brings consequences to women’s lives. The tendency to exist in the public sphere can pose a threat to them. The position that should play a role in the domestic sector now touches on the international sector. The balance between the world’s domestic and public sectors becomes difficult, while globalization accompanies them because of the world of conspiracies, a world that often deceives and plans to rule or influence as an alternative in achieving planned goals.

Women have the right and have the same position, get an equal education, get a career or work and determine their own life goals. Women like Hillary Diane Rodham are women who are in the maelstrom of U.S. politics, having a position as a junior senator. Then Iliza Sa’aduddin became the definitive mayor of Banda Aceh in a special plenary meeting of the local DPRK and made Aceh have the first female mayor.

Women’s involvement in complex sectors of life cannot be limited to biological differences, but rather by socio-cultural factors. As a result of socio-cultural forms, the role of women can change in different times, places, conditions so that the role of women can be involved.

Attitudes to women’s involvement need to be carried out sustainably and deeply. Nature as a woman has the same rights, has no different roles and duties. Women want equality that must be responded to wisely, women have rights that are balanced with their obligations in a good way.

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