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The development of technology this century is so rapid, various aspects of human life has been present in technology in its activities. Many industrial sectors are swiftly competing to present the technology needed by the community. No exception is information technology that is present and able to change the order of human life. Humans who can not be separated from interacting, obtaining information, news, and discourse always demand quick and straightforward information.

Technological developments such as mobile phone television, networking, Microsoft, iOS, and Android are having an impact on the way we learn, work, shop, get along, and entertainment. Moreover, the emergence of the internet as a preform that allows technology users can interact without the restrictions of distance, place, and time. A concrete example is the emergence of digital magazines making Newsweek magazine lose its readers and not publish again. This is one of the developments of mass media called new media. Global issues such as the Arab-Israeli war or human rights violations and racism can be accessed through digital media, even information on conflict, oppression, and war can be witnessed when it occurs rather than newspapers or weekly magazines. The combined media technology with the internet network makes it easier for humans to obtain information but on the other hand, can increase poverty and reduce the welfare of society and social interaction. The development of information technology has an impact on conventional societies the information society. The intense, evolving nature of mass media meets the needs of informed humans. The function of mass media as shaping international public opinion strengthened after the electronic revolution and also had a strong influence on communication activities for human life.

So mass media has evolved from passive to interactive to human needs. The development of technology has both positive and negative impacts. Nevertheless, should be minimized wisely the negative impact of the presence of new media, so as not to eliminate the positive impact of the use of technological media.

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