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Communication Ethics and How to Overcome Differences of Views

One of the advantages of humans over other creatures is the nature of good speech. God has given it since the creation of Adam. until this time. As his descendants, we need another human being for survival, as was practiced by the prophet Adam (p.s.). against Siti Hawa. “Who are you?” asked Adam. “A woman,” he replied. Adam asked, “Why were you created?” “That you may be at peace with me,” he replied. And the angels asked Adam, “What is his name, O Adam?” Adam replied, “Eve.” “Why is eve?” the angel asked again. “For he was created from something living,” adam replied. The need for relationships is certainly able to run the wheel of human life completely. The need for biology such as living at home, helping to prepare food, and even being given the right to manage this vast earth such as farming, raising, and practicing the religion of Allah.To this day the number of people to manage God’s earth reaches 7 billion. On the psychic side, humans always expect 3 (three) feedback, namely; Respected, appreciated, and loved in their social life. Feedback certainly needs to be built horizontally (hablum minanas), through the five senses arranged by the brain and the human heart to give language as a container to reach mutual understanding/agreement. In social life, the process of negotiation in the form of language can be said to be communication, regardless of body language (nonverbal communication), as well as oral and written (verbal communication), communication has a measuring value of the rules that have been set as a reference for good or bad human behavior certainly related to habits or norms (rules). In Islam, good behavior or bad behavior is known as moral (moral/ ethical).

Morals in the discipline of communication science are contained in the discussion of Communication Ethics. The ethics of communication can be understood that a person who performs human relations well or by Islamic sharia is said to be ethical, conversely, if the deeds carried out are not by the religion of Islam then the person is said to be unethical.

In society, human nature is good at speaking, Islam regulates the way of communicating well. In the Qur’an, the word speaking can be found with the keyword al-bayan. While the word communication can be found with the keyword al-qaul. Among several verses of the Qur’an on communication, there are six principles of communication in the context of the command, namely; Sadidan qaulan (the right and true word) is found in QS. 4:9 and 33:70, qaulan balighan (a word that is in the soul) QS. 4:63, sedance (an easy-to-understand word) is found in QS. 17:28, qaulan layyinan (a meek word) is found in QS. 20:44, qaulan kariman (precious word) is found in QS. 17:23, qaulan ma’rufan (polite word) is found in QS. 4:5.

One way of communicating if there is a difference of views (disagree) with the interlocutor, such as instead claimed not to appreciate human rights conveys “I appreciate criticism”. Other, officials reported the scarcity of food due to the covid-19 outbreak in his area by saying “cases of rising food prices due to the covid-19 outbreak” should be “adjusted food prices due to the covid-19 outbreak”. Or comments on social media, such as “who wears a mask, wash your hands, keeps your distance, even positive. Too afraid anyway!” it’s good “Precisely, who has run health protocols can still be positive, let alone those who are not”, others “if the media does not scare and exaggerate about covid, yes covid there is no “good” media task present reality.If the condition is a dangerous spike in covid-19, our time is silent?” then, “importantly, strong immunity.” we can say “yes, you are strong, believeā€¦ But some people are not as strong as you.” Or confide in a friend. “A’isyah alone can be polygamous when you can’t” gives the understanding that “I am not as strong as A’isyah”. The above alternative answers can be used to limit, not hurt, and also give respect to the interlocutor for similar statements in social life.

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